The Treachery of Social Constructed Reality

The Treachery of Social Constructed Reality

This installation is a visual metaphor that represents how Subjective Realities are emerging because of the Internet, in opposition to the classical Social Constructed Reality. The white beam of light is the vision of a society before the Internet came into our life, where social constructed reality had a really strong impact on people’s mindset. The sentence “This is not colour white” says that what seems an unquestionable reality is not, it is only what a society constructs as a reality. The diffractions behind the panel, are Subjective Realities emerging from this global and all-and-ever-connected world. It also is an example of how appearances deceive- and about how what seems obvious, sometimes it is not. As well as an ode to subjectivism, individualism, integration, acceptation and plurality. The aim of making this piece was to create a representation of the studied concept visually. In addition, the exhibition was meant to surprise the audience and to be a trigger of reflection, inviting people to step outside their mental and intellectual comfort zones.

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