This is a conceptual project based on a reflection around the sentence: The FINE LINE between NOTHING MATTERS and EVERYTHING MATTERS. It took me a while to figure out how to translate this sentence into something. At the beginning, everything had to make perfect sense and had to have a reason to be. Among mind maps, research, crazy complicated ideas, and loads of thought, it became obvious that the concept was being explored from an EVERYTHING MATTERS perspective. Half of the sentence, NOTHING MATTERS, was being left behind. But, how to make a project based on meaninglessness? Suddenly, it clicked: ANYWAY, WE ARE GOING TO DIE. This sentence vanished all meaning this project could have, placing myself to the other side of the line. And then a process began: my mind tried to MAKE SENSE of everything saying words like: If everyone thought this way, society would be aimless. Then, on propose, I jumped to the other side: Yes whatever, even though, we are going to die. Quickly my mind tried to fix it again with other excuses in order to find meaning. And rushing, again on purpose, I shifted the side. It happened several times. I could feel the TENSION, the POLARITIES, the OPPOSITION: I was feeling the line between everything matters and nothing matters.

The idea of this project is to represent this line digitally and sonorously, and let the audience play with it. SEEKING BALANCE AND BREAKING IT. HARMONIOUS sounds and the DISRUPTION of those. Experiencing how close from each other OPPOSITES can be.